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American Halal Gummies-50 gms



After much anticipation and wait, we have finally launched our Halal Gummy candy, now every one can enjoy Halal Gummies made from Halal Gelatin.

If you choose Assorted Gummies (Master Case) Please specify which flavors you like in the Instructions.

Try all our flavours:

1-Chilli Milli (Halal soft Candy with a taste of chilli, Popular in all communities)

2-Twin Treat (Jelly on one side and Marshmallow on the other)

3-Sour Jello Mello

4-Jello Mello

5-Jelly Bear

6-Jelly Delight Orange Slices

7-Sour Bottles with Mellow

8-Sour Jelly Bear

9-Jelly Cola bottles